Monday, June 23, 2014

As I have thought about my time with the Lord this morning I have reflected on a few things...first off this is how I think God was reacting to me this morning
as I opened my devotional...oops let me first back up
I had set my alarm for 5:45 AM but since it was almost 11:30 when I went to crawl into bed I changed it to 6:45 AM  but alas God woke me up at 5:31 AM...umm remember me telling God he needs to wake me up if I am going to exercise and spend time with Him...well he did this morning.  And it was okay...I felt good.  So I got dressed in my exercise clothes (today a Dutton t-shirt and shorts) and headed to the activity room and the bike...boy am I out of shape...I did 30 minutes on the bike, rode 5.68 miles burning 297 calories...not the best I have done but hey...30 minutes on the bike today was 30 minutes more than yesterday :)

And then I came out to the living room, the sun was shining bright and the room looked so inviting and peaceful...and then I opened my devotional book...the little pink one I showed y'all yesterday.  

The title "Honor God with Your Body"...the scripture reference
just got me laughing...I know the scriptrue is in reference to sexual immorality but if you think about it it really does encompass our whole body...our physical body and how God bought each of us with the death of Jesus on the Cross and then His resurrection.  Our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit to reside in us...and so we need  must take care of our bodies each and every day.

That means physically, spiritually, emotionally and since for the past few days I found myself planting the seeds of getting back on track...I am so thankful Jesus met me right where I was at this morning!!!

And so as I have gone throughout the day making good food choices (planning what I was going to eat before I got to Golden Corral and Forever Friends), purposefully drinking water instead of soda pop...still haven't had a cup of coffee since I started the Elimination Diet on May 26...I love coffee with creamer...and since I have found out dairy is not my friend I just haven't drank any...water has become my drink of choice...with lemon or strawberries or blue berries...yummie!!!

Also walking to the cabin instead of riding the gator and going for a swim in the evening after working all day and spending time with my hubby in the pool...

...being intentional in what I do, say, eat and drink.

Do you do things just because or intentionally?
What little tricks do you use to make good eating/drinking choices?
I would love it if you would share in the comments.

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