Friday, February 7, 2014


Can't believe it has been almost a month since I last visited here...well, really I can...I have once again allowed busyness to take over, becoming so involved in the world and STUFF that I have sort of lost myself again...but last night and this morning God has been talking to me...when life gets so overwhelming and nothing seems to be going right and I finally give up and turn to the One that matters things begin to fall back into place, my focus gets brought back to what is walk with the Lord, my relationships with people...not the reports, not the amount of snow that is falling, not my plans but God's plans.
God's plans, God's timing, God's desires for me ~~ not my plans, not when I want it or even how I want it.  Last night God brought me (us) to a place where we just had to say...the situation is what the situation is.  And to seek how God wants me to deal with things.  So I did what I always do, I cried out for help, sent out a very personal prayer request with the bottom line being "Lord, help me to have the right attitude, not one of frustration, anger or irritation.  To TRUST that God's timing is perfect and to know that GOD is in control, not me, not Ron, not even Fed Ex!!!

I received encouragement, scriptures to claim and reassurance that God knows the desires of my heart and when the timing is right, those desires will come to fruition.

This morning I was reminded that God wants 
Just as Isaiah walked naked and barefoot for three years seeking God, looking for a sign ~~ that is exactly where the Lord wants me to be ~ bare naked in front of Him, stripping myself of all the STUFF that I am busy with, worrying about, fretting Come Clean with Him...he already knows everything He just wants me to be open, honest, truthful, eager for Him...BECAUSE then and only then will I be in a place where I can

Sometimes I need to 
grab my cup of coffee, my Bible, my prayer journal and just have a conversation with God ~ sharing with Him whats on my heart and then sip my coffee and quiet my voice so that I can hear what He has to say to   me.

I can still have my To Do Lists, make plans, dream of future activities...I just need to begin with God, seek His face and ask Him how he wants me to handle things.

So this morning I did just that.  And what a great feeling of peace I have, the frustrations of last night, the anxiety of not knowing, the irritability that was streaming through my bones (and Ron's too) are lifted this morning and for that I am thankful.  

Today I choose Joy...

and will do what I can and that will be enough, what needs to get done will get done (thanks Dee for encouraging me during your difficult days) and throughout it all I will have JOY!!!

I will live in this moment and not stress about tomorrow.  Thank you Lord for bringing me back to this place of comfort, love and peace in my life.

Question of the day:  Are you living in God's Joy, Peace and Love?  
If not, what is stopping you from being in the best place 
~~~ the place God wants you to be in.