Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good morning...I don't know why but I can't put a title on my post...go figure...maybe because so much is running through my mind I can't sum it up in a few words.

First off, can't believe it has been over two months since I have written a blog post and of course so much has happened since then.  We made a 5784 mile trip to Washington and Oregon and back to Branson...took tons of pictures...now to get them sorted and into some blog posts.

The best thing about our trip was seeing our boys and their families...took lots of pictures of the grands (future posts I am sure) was able to be there to celebrate Brandon's 34th birthday...how can my baby be 34???  And then also got to celebrate with Miss Opal on her 6th birthday...her birthday party theme was Pirates..she sure is a cute pirate and see friends and family and most of all just relax and have lots of fun.

And now we are back in Branson, gearing up for what we hope is a great season.  Campers are starting to come in, almost every day now.  Activities are happening all around town and at our campground.  Remember if you are in the Branson area we would love to connect with you.

Stay tuned for more regular updates on what we are doing and how the Lord is working in our lives.

The view this morning from the back deck of our apartment.

This was taken just before 6:30 this morning.

Panorama view overlooking Branson 

Taken about 7:10 this morning.

Have a Blessed Day!!!