Monday, May 18, 2009

A New Day

Just thought I would write as I have not written lately.

Update: we are now at NACO/TT here in Birch Bay. Will be here till Thursday when we head up to Grandy Creek, near Concrete for six days of camping, resting and just being together. I know, many of you are laughing as you think we are camping all the time since we live full time in our RV. But camping is different - no appointments, no jobs for Ron, just a time to relax, go for walks, enjoy being together, hopefully the weather will be nice and we can go for a swim, and having campfires to sit around in the evenings.

Last week we house sat for some friends while they visited family in California. It was a delight as I got in some baking, entertained three different evenings, Ron got the new awning up on the motor home, thanks to Kristen and Mike for helping with that project and for Dan being available if we needed him. We watched a couple of beautiful sunsets, and I enjoyed a couple of baths in their jacuzzi tub (once we figured out how to turn it on).

Brandon and Danalyn and the boys are doing well. Their big news is that Brandon got his first teaching position. He will be teaching Math at Cul De Sac K-12 school in Cul De Sac, Idaho. God has just opened up so many doors for them...Danalyn is transferring within the Life Care Center family to a nursing home in Lewiston, Idaho. Lewiston is about 20 miles Southwest of Cul De Sac. They have a day care facility right on-site so they don't have to look for a new daycare. They will be living in East Lewiston. The Lord has provided them with a renter for their home in Boise. Please pray for Max as he changes schools and meets new friends. They will be moving the first/second week of August and we will be going to Boise to help them move.

Jamie, Suzanne and Opal are doing well. Opal is standing and pulling herself up and trying to take a few steps. Jamie continues to work at Fred Meyer. It looks like the house on C Street has sold and so they will be moving to Bellingham to be closer to work. Good for them, sad for us as we won't be able to see them as often.

Something Fun...I took a writing class, Memoirs, at the local community college. It was fun to get to meet a real published author and get critques on some of my stories. I was encouraged to keep writing and sharing what's on my heart. Watch for stories about me and my family in the weeks to come.

I guess that's all from here. Take care and keep in touch when you can.