Saturday, September 29, 2012

Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollary City ~ Labor Day Weekend 2012

One of the gifts we have been blessed with while here in Branson are passes to Silver Dollar City.  Each night after the park closes they host some type of concert or show.  The end of August is there Southern Gospel Picnic and we were able to go to two shows:  Jeff & Sherry Easter & the Hopper Family.

First up were the Hoppers. What a great concert.  It was standing room only which means there were over 5,000 people in attendance.

 It was amazing to hear so many great gospel songs and to be singing in a choir of over 5000 people.  Here are some pics of the show ~ hope you enjoy them.

These two pictures were taken with about 30 minutes to go till show time.  The seats were filling up quickly.  By the time the concert actually started there were people lined up along that upper railing on both sides of the amphitheater.

Below is the show from God for the evening; his handiwork is amazing!

And then we attended Jeff & Sherry Easter's concert.

One of the many beautiful flowering plants at Silver Dollar City. 
The line waiting to get in to see the Easter's - the line to get in went from Echo Hollow almost back to the main entrance.
The Easter's performing a great gospel song.
The # in attendance was more than what had been there for the Hoppers.  Almost 5500 people.  There are people on the big wrap around porch of the big yellow house looking down onto the stage.

Hope you enjoyed these shows right along with us.

Neal McCoy ~ August 25, 2012

We received free tickets to see Neal McCoy.  He was playing at the Oak Ridge Boy's Theater.  

What a fun show and great entertainer.  Boy can he sing and dance!!  And interacts with so many of the guests including Wynona who was sitting right in front of us :)
This is the curtain to the stage...we really enjoyed the artwork.

Wynona in front of us.  She was busy taking pictures right along with the rest of us.

Hope you have enjoyed this show!

** Don't know why but am having problems uploading videos to my blog**
(If anyone has a suggestion, please don't hesitate to share.)

View of Fire in Branson ~ August 22, 2012

On August 22, 2012 one of our guests came to the rig shortly after 5 p.m. to tell us they could see smoke billowing down in Branson.  This is what we saw standing on the road in the campground by our overlooks. It was quite amazing.

And in 35 minutes the fire was out and all that was left was smoke billowing into the air.

Later we were able to find out it was the Queen Anne II just of the strip in Branson.  The next day we drove down to see what it looked like and it was amazing to see the siding on those apartments that were across the street had melted.  Fortunately no one was hurt in the fire.

Grand Jubilee at Grand Country ~ August 18, 2012

One of the perks we have here in Branson is being able to see many of the shows for free or very low cost.  We count it as one of the many blessings we have received.

As managers of Branson View Campground we have received VIP Passes for 2012 from the Grand Country.  We get free tickets and if the seats are available we get to sit in the first two or three rows as well as discounts on the buffets and attractions.

One of the shows we like to go to is the Grand Jubilee.  Our favorite acts are New South (a quartet) along with watching Jim Dandy (Jamie Hagee) & MC Michael Patrick and Wayne Massingill - the best fiddler player we have ever seen.

Mike Patrick, MC of the Grand Jubilee and his clothes & boots of many colors!
Jim Dandy ~ his favorite color is ORANGE!!  (Jim Hagee)

New South ~ Trey, Jason N, Jason P, Mark (Matt the guitarist)
Jackie Brown
Todd Bradshaw
Wayne Massingill
Pianist (can't think of his name) and Larry Allred
Matt, lead guitarist and ?? playing the steel guitar
Todd Bradshaw

Jim Dandy as Dolly Parton

We hope you have enjoyed the show.