Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's Happening

Greeting's on this beautiful sunny day here in Blaine. Woke up to the beautiful sunshine and very comfortable warm weather - have heard that we should have good weather at least through the end of next week - sure is making up for the wet and cool August we had.

We have had a couple of busy weeks. I used to think when September arrived things would slow down, we would get settled into a schedule but I think that is just a fantasy. September has arrived, the calendar seems to fill up every day with something that needs to be done and through it all the days are already starting to feel shorter.

I did see Dr. Moore this morning for a regular check-up and was delighted when I stepped on the scale and had lost 8 lbs! Made my day. He did encourage me to get on the exercise bandwagon and I told him I knew I needed to do that. He reminded me that 15 min. a day is better than none but the goal should still be one hour a day at least 5 days a week.

(Picture is Brandon, Danalyn, Max (hiding his face) and Christopher after Brandon's return from Reno Memorial Day Weekend) We did receive some sad news on Sunday evening. Danalyn's grandfather passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday morning. Brandon and Danalyn and the boys left earlier today to fly to Michigan for services and will be returning to Boise next Monday. On another note, Brandon has been substituting for the Meridian, ID school district almost every day since school started. He will be on the Boise school district site beginning October 1st. He was scheduled to take his English Praxis test this Saturday but since he will be out of town he will be taking that test in October. It is the final piece to getting his actual teaching certificate. Christopher and Max are doing fine. Max is loving the 4th grade and his best friend is in his class so that makes school even better. Christopher started day-care last week. He goes Tues, Wed, and Thurs. It is a small family day-care close to Danalyn's work. With this schedule it allows Brandon to take those last minute sub jobs.

(Picture is of Suzanne and Opal from July 08 at The C Shop) Jamie, Suzanne and Opal are doing well. They are currently looking for a new apartment/house to rent. We would like them to stay in the Ferndale area but it looks like it might be south Bellingham. Either way we are glad they are close enough that we can see them most every week. Last Wednesday night we had the pleasure of keeping Opal while Jamie and Suzanne went out for dinner. Opal smiled and cooed a lot and was a joy to spend time with.

I will download the pictures that are currently on my camera and add more to the next posting.

Ron is busy this week tearing off and replacing a roof on the garage at The C Shop. It is so convenient having the motor home parked right there.

One new project I am working on is getting ready to teach a parenting class. It is called Positive Parenting and we hope to begin the end of September. Once all the details are finalized I will pass on the details of time, place, day o fthe week.

Well, I need to get get back to working on the lesson plans so will close for now. Wishing each of you a happy and blessed day. Keep in touch. Ali