Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A New Day!!!

Today is a New Day!!

Given to me to live life to its fullest.

After my post 13 days ago,
I kind of fell off the radar screen, 
well not completely just out of blog land.

Oh I have lots of things to write about and 
share of what we have been doing
but first I needed some down time,
to think and listen
and wait.

The past 13 days have been a time 
of reflecting and evaluating.

And this morning I found myself
awake at 1:04, 2:12, 3:37, and 5:16
and so I got up and started my morning routine.
Did 30 minutes on the bike, rode 6.05 miles
and then spent time in the Word.

And what a good time it has been...
was asked "what kind of example am I?"
I may not be a teacher by trade but 
people do watch me and learn from me.
What kind of example am I?
I want to be authentic and real.
What you see is what you get kind of gal.
And after doing lots of reflecting
the past 13 days I believe I am.

In Joshua 3:7-17 I am reminded
I need to stand firm in my beliefs
and continually trust the Lord in everything I do.

The question is then
"Am I willing to stand firm in my belief,
in what I know to be true?  
Am I willing to change from old ways, habits and ideals
to become the woman that God would have me to be?"

And then I was reminded of the old song,
"God Will Make a Way"

I belong to a group on Facebook "Get it Off and Keep it Off" and yesterday we were asked where am I at, on a scale of 1 to 10, in getting healthy?  Below is my reply:

My health and losing weight to get healthier is an 11! Without my health I have nothing. I am finding that slow consistent changes are what works for me. The number on the scale is just that ... a number. I am learning to go by how I feel and how my clothes fit. 

Right now I have three challenges: physically feeling sick makes me just want to feed my face to make me feel better even though I know it won't work...so far today I have not done that. Trying to be real cautious in what I am eating.

2nd Callenge is the time of the year. So many of our traditions center around meals, desserts, activities that include eating...

and 3rd is learning to say no to my hubby when he loves to eat his desserts and lots of snacks. I do try to buy healthy snacks for me but sometimes the temptation is really strong.

BUT I am also learning not to be so hard on myself...if I eat something I shouldn't, I remind myself what my goals are and why...I think about my grands and son's and daughter-in-loves...and wanting to be around for a very long time to be their mom and grammy!!!

And in reading it again this morning and reflecting how what I wrote yesterday is reflected in my reading this morning I realize that no matter what I cannot get healthy on my own, with my own will power.  Yes, I am the one that has to do the work, or in this case not eat so much and exercise more...yet through it all God will make a way...he has put people in my life to encourage and support me, not just in losing weight but also in living life to its fullest.  I am blessed to have so many friends and loved ones who encourage me every day in many ways.  I have learned new ways to cook healthier and to try new foods.  I am in a place where I have exercise equipment available to me and a beautiful place to walk outside and see His beauty all around me.

I remember something a friend told me many years ago...I don't have to worry about keeping secrets from anyone because I always tell on myself :)  or something like that...I think that is the authentic me, the one who wants to be open and honest about life and me, the struggles I face and how I get from one place to the next.  I am what I am, I am what you see.

And now I don't know where this was all leading...
...guess I have been rambling or as my friend Sharon Aller says,
I am having a spastic conversation with myself.

What I do know is that God is real,
God loves me,
and that no matter where I am 
or what I am doing
God is with me.
And that is a good thing.


Today I am thankful for the time this week to visit with Ron's sister, Judy.
She has come to Branson to spend a week with us.
It is fun to have family around
and even better that I don't have to change me for her.
Hope that makes sense :)


Well it's time to get busy.
I have a full day ahead of me....
....show Jw some stuff in the office,
go to Forever Friends (love being with other Christian sisters who love me for me),
then to see the Four Star Country Boy (love getting free tickets),
and then to end the evening we will be going to 
Grand Country for the Jubilee Show (more free tickets).

Hope each of you have a blessed day!!!