Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Wow I can't believe it is the 30th of November.  I have been thinking of things I am thankful for today and have come up with a list...

...thankful for my best friend Dee.  Today is her birthday ~ Happy Birthday Dee!  One thing I love about Dee is that we can share with each other what is going on in our life and the other responds from the heart.  A lot of time I pass things onto Dee because I know she will be honest with me ~ like telling her we have applied for a job in Texas for next year.  Yep, Texas.  A long way from Blaine and Lewiston and the grands but the promise of a full time job for a year for the both of sounds pretty appealing.  I loved Dee's response

"Um, EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!?!    First the dog leaves me a "present" on the carpet for my birthday, now I might  lose you for a whole year?????   Sigh.....I hate it when they grow up and move away.......

You know I'm kidding.... sort of.....

What you do know is that I will pray that God makes clear what He wants you to do. If this is what He wants, how can I argue with that? Because what He wants is going to be what is best.   I'm going to have to google Hondo, TX and see just where it is and how long of a drive it is. LOL!

...thankful for Ron and his patience with me.  We slept in late today (9:45 a.m.) and just had a hard time getting moving.  We had 20 trees waiting to be drilled, stood and untied.  And it was raining outside = cold!  But we went out and got started.  About an hour into those trees we got another delivery of 48 trees.  About another hour later Roy showed up with 3 tree stands and 3 wreaths for us to try to sell.  Along with the three wreaths he had three red bows for the wreaths.  We put one on and hung the others without the bow.  I like it without the bow ~ what do you think looks better?

Wreath with red bow and pine cones.

Wreath with just pine cones.

As we were working my hands got very cold.  My gloves were soaked and if I wore the heavier ones I could not tag the trees.  So Ron sent me to the Dollar Store and I bought 4 more pairs of gloves for $3.31.  I now have burgundy, purple, pink, black and white gloves.  I wore three of the four pairs today.  Thanks Ron for listening to my whining.  Sorry for being such a wimp today.

Burgundy gloves & heavier gloves - both dripping wet all make for cold fingers.

Pink, purple, white and black gloves.  Wore all three pairs but the white ones - going to save them for good wear.

About 3:00 I was freezing so Ron told me to go into the motor home and take a hot shower.  He didn't have to tell me to do that twice.  As I was getting dressed he came in and made me some hot chocolate!  I am so glad he loves me so much!  

...thankful for hot water and a warm motor home thanks to electricity and propane. 

...thankful we have this job.  We sold 3 more trees today.  We have 105 trees on the lot.  Keep hearing that we will get busy this weekend.  Sure hope so!  Here are pictures of the lot with all our trees.

Look how big some of these trunks are.  It took both of us to carry them to the drill and then to the grids to stand them up.  Ron kept saying "these are heavy.  sure hope we don't get any more of these big ones."

The truck getting ready to make another delivery. 

The lot with 105 trees on it. 

A close up standing right in the middle of the trees.  I had to yell at Ron to find out where he was as I could not see him.  It's like walking through the forest without all the mud!
Well that has been our day today.  This morning before we got out of bed I asked Ron what he was planning for my birthday (tomorrow) and he said to sell Christmas trees.  I gave him some suggestions ~ I will let you know what he comes up with.

Got a call from my friend Lynda, she is going to come down and see us on Thursday!  On one hand I hope we are not busy so we can talk but on the other hand if we are busy that means we are making some money.

Take care in all you do.  Be safe if you are traveling but most of all have fun in all you do.