Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simply Saturday

Don't know that the title has any meaning for what I am going to write just sounded catchy :)

Today has been a fairly quiet day for us.  Took some time to lay together in bed this morning and just chat.  Chatting together before starting our day was something we got into the habit of doing on days we started late while working for the carnival.

This morning we chatted about tomorrow ~ you see tomorrow morning we are going to be sharing our testimony at Northwood Alliance Church of how God provided for us in different ways while we were working/traveling/living the life.  Still not sure what we are going to share, just praying that God will be honored by what we share.  I also put a few pictures of us from our carnival days in the power point to show during the service.

After having a slow start to the morning I went off to work at the church.  I needed to finish the bulletin, do the script and power point and do an insert for the bulletin asking for donations for pies for the Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes that the Peace Arch Christian Ministerial Association (PACMA) puts together for needy families in the Blaine/Birch Bay/Custer area.  Each year members of churches that belong to PACMA make/donate pies for the dinner boxes. 

Which leads me to what I am thankful for today...I am thankful for a delightful pastor to work for and with.  I have missed working with Pastor Charles the months we have been gone.  I miss the camaraderie and laughter, the little English lessons he gives me (covering commas, parenthesis, and apostrophes ~ which if you notice I use way too much and not always in the correct manner).  I am thankful for a pastor who is quick to listen and pray about whatever is troubling/concerning me at the moment.  I wish there was a way I could work at the church even while traveling but it is not a commuters job :(  One of the projects I am trying to finish up before we head off to sell Christmas trees is our church pictorial directory. Bernadette is putting the final updates and corrections together early next week and then I will get it printed up before we head out on the 21st or 22nd.  

After finishing up at the church Ron and I headed out to look for a new to us truck.  We are looking for a little 4x4 extended/super cab truck that we can pull behind the motor home.  We found one today but the guy at the lot didn't seem to be too interested in talking to us much less wanting to sell us a vehicle.  So off we went to continue looking.  Didn't find one so we will continue looking.

While out and about today we stopped to see our good friend Al Gienger.  Al & Selma (she passed away two years ago) have been like parents to us and grandparents to our boys.  They have watched many a basketball game over the years and always showed an interest in what the boys were up to.  Today was no different.  Al wanted to know what Brandon was doing.  He was glad to hear that Brandon finally has an high school coaching job.  (Brandon is coaching the boys basketball team at Orofino HS).  Then he wanted to know what Jamie was doing and was pleased to hear that Jamie is in school and wanting to become a CPA.  He was delighted to see pictures of our grands and happy to hear that we have been able to spend time with each of them.

After visiting for a little while we headed home with a stop off at Haggens for a few groceries and something for dinner.  We opted for their Chinese food take out.  We had chicken chow mien, pork fried rice along with honey glazed chicken and empress chicken.

This evening we have just been relaxing, reading blogs and Ron has been planning a maybe trip to Yuma, AZ next spring for the Gypsy Rally put on by Nick & Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal.  We don't know what all we are doing next year but there definitely is nothing wrong with planning, dreaming and hoping.

We continue to pray and wait for the Lord's leading for next year.  We have been communicating with a couple of campgrounds about working there next season or if we will return for another year of carnival life/work with Funtastic Shows.

That's all for tonight.  Wishing you all a blessed day tomorrow.