Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Wow!  I can't believe I have 73 followers.  Today I am thankful to all of you for following along on this journey we call life. If you click on a picture of one of the followers you can see their name and what blog they write (if they have one) and learn a little about them.  I like to read about my followers and read their blogs.  It is a fun way to make and meet new friends.   Also thanks to all those who follow along who are not signed up as a follower ~ I know a few of you :)

Today has been a fun and frustrating day.  
This is the view of the tree lot looking out our front window.

This is the tree lot looking from Safeway. 

This is the motor home.  See the Santa hanging on the welcome sign.

This is the back side of the tree lot facing the motor home.
 Fun in that we decorated the motor home for Christmas today.  I set up our little tree in the window of the front passenger door.  It is a 2' tall artificial tree that has a light circle underneath of it.  I so enjoy sitting and watching the colors change from blue to red, to white to purple to green (not sure that is the order though).  Underneath the tree I have the little nativity set that I got from my mom 35 years ago this year.  It is the set she had up in our home for as long as I can remember.  I will try to get a close up picture of it and post it on here.

We also hung Christmas lights around the windows from the kitchen, through the living room, in front and above the TV and then back through the living room and into the dining room.  I also put out a few of the stuffed Christmas animals we have.  Outside Ron hung a welcome sign with a Santa on it and then set up our big blow up snowman and friend.  We had a mom and little girl pull up next to the motor home because the little girl wanted to see the snowman.  I put my Christmas centerpiece on the table and filled my stocking candy dish with candy canes to hand out to little kids when they come to get a Christmas tree.  It sure is looking festive around here.

Here are the Snowmen ready to greet the buyers of our Christmas trees.

These are the lights around our kitchen window.  The Christmas centerpiece is on the left and a beautiful fruit basket sits on the right.  The fruit basket was a going away gift from far everything we have eaten has tasted wonderful.  Will use the basket to hold something I am sure.

This is the right side of the living room in the motor home.  We have a good view of the opening to the lot.  Right now people walk through the lot and cut through to the bus stop on the corner.  We think that will stop once the trees are on the lot.  At least we hope so.

This view is standing in the kitchen looking to the front of the motor home.  It feels very Christmassey in here now!
We were waiting for Roy and the delivery of the Christmas trees.  We are supposed to start selling them tomorrow.  Well Roy showed up but no trees.  Seems the guys did not go and pick them up due to the snow storm that hit Western Washington.   So understand that but it would have been nice to have gotten a phone call to say the trees won't be here till Friday.  We could  have made plans for Thanksgiving Day.  Oh well,  am sure God knew what was happening and maybe a day of rest is what we need before we hit it hard selling Christmas trees.  

Another delivery that was made today was a port-a-potty for the customers.  The delivery guy also brought us good news ~ Chuck pays to have the tanks dumped on the motor home while we are here.  Yeah ~ that will save us about $100.  Thank you Lord for providing for the little things that bring us comfort and saves us some money along the way.

This evening we are just watching television and both of us are on our respective computers.  A quiet evening for sure.  Talk to you all again tomorrow.