Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Saturday at the Tree Lot

Today I am thankful for a very loving and supportive husband who knows how to keep his wife's anxiety down.  And no, I didn't need any medication for the anxiety.

Ron let me sleep in this morning.  On Saturday and Sunday we are to open the lot at 8:00 a.m.  The alarm went off at 7:00 a.m.  Ron got up, covered me back up and started his day by making coffee and doing it quietly.  I woke up at 8:30 feeling better than I did last night when I went to bed ~ remember yesterday's post.

We had a few more looky-lou's today.  Sold one more tree to a sweet little couple with an eleven month old little boy.  The little guy just smiled and smiled.  For a fleeting second I thought about asking them if I could take their picture but then I got involved in collecting their money I forgot to ask.  I did take a picture of the little family with their camera.  Next time I will try to remember.

I promised yesterday to show more pictures.  Here they are.  Hope you like them.

The truck delivering our first load of trees.

Jesse & Ron in front of our first load of trees ~ all 22 of them!

Another view of our trees and the truck leaving to make another delivery.

Alice hugging her first tree ~ actually trying to see if she can carry the darn thing.

Yep ~ she can!

Ron getting ready to drill a hole in the end of the tree.  First time sellers get a drilling machine.  It works pretty slick.  Ron puts the tree on the stand, tightens the truck and pulls the lever and the drill does the work.

The first tree on the grid.  We have 32 grids, can have 128 trees ready for viewing on our lot.

Here are the first 28 trees.  See the grids on the front left...we move them there as they were at the back of the lot.  Ron locked the grids and the drilling machine together so they can't walk away.

A view of the lot with the extra lights we added.  If you look closely you can see the two light strings.  The top one is white lights with regular light bulbs.  The bottom string is like welcoming lights...much prettier in the dark.

Prettier in the dark ~ don't you agree.
Ron and I did spend some extra time in prayer today.  Turning the lot and all our trees over to Him.  We believe He led us to this job and He knows what we need financially to keep us going this month and next.  After praying we both seemed to be in better spirits.  We had fun selling our one tree to the little family this evening.  We wished them a Merry Christmas and to have fun decorating their tree.  Encouraging them to put lots of lights on it for their little one to enjoy.

Thank you too, for your prayers for us as we walk through this adventure of selling Christmas trees.  We know if we do it with a heart of love and faith that the Lord will bless us.  We just have to continue to trust Him.