Monday, May 12, 2014

I woke this morning thinking of you Kathy.
Hard to believe you have been gone over 5.5 years.
Today you would have been 60.
Though we didn't always get along 
and would go weeks without talking
I knew you were always there
whenever I called.

We have shared many joys and sorrows together,
celebrated the births of our baby's,
said good-bye to Dad & Mom
we have laughed and cried together
we have always been sisters.

I woke to thinking of you this morning,
hard to believe that I can't just grab the phone
and give you a call to share some news.
Or to cry because someone has hurt me
some how, some way
or to laugh about something that happened.

You would be so proud of your sweet daughter
She brings such joy to so many.
She knows how to have fun
and has a tender heart.
She misses you so much.
I wish I lived closer to her so we could
some things together that you would have done with her
like going to a movie or shopping.
You would be so proud of her.

I love you and miss you Kathy.