Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Countdown Begins~

Jury duty is done!  Now onto getting for the big trip to Hondo!!!

I think the easiest way to let you know what we are doing is just to list what's on the agenda between now and when we leave on Wednesday, January 26th.

Friday, 1/21 ~ had a terrific dinner with Jim & Mary.  We laughed and reminisced about when our kids were in sports together, what our kids are doing now with their own families.  And we talked about the coming year and changes in both our moving to Texas, their daughter going to Germany, each of us welcoming a new grandchild...we will definitely miss our visits together.  Thanks Jim & Mary for the orange marmalade and blackberry jam and of course the wonderful leftover dessert.

Saturday, 1/22 ~ meeting Tim & Dee at the storage unit.  We will be putting totes back into storage, taking more totes out of storage and then  Ron & Tim are goin to remove the hard top on the Jeep.  Then they will head over to Gerald & Sandra's  to drill holes and put the soft top on the Jeep.  Dee & I will get in some visiting while moving stuff around cleaning out a few cupboards.  In the evening we will be fixin to go to Jerry & Lynda's for dinner and more visitin! 

Sunday, 1/23 ~ we will be gettin together with Ron's siblings + Jamie, Suzanne & Opal and maybe our niece, Andrea & her family for breakfast at Big Al's.  Then we are off to church at Northwood Alliance.  Don't know what the afternoon will hold but in the evenin we will be hangin with Chris & Gina and their two kids.

Monday, 1/24 ~ I am meeting a fellow blogger, Laurel for coffee at Woods in Birch Bay Square.  Then  have a few errands to run picking up last minute prescriptions, going to the bank and fixin things up in the motor home as we continue to prepare to go to Texas.  Ron has a few plumbing jobs that he needs to finish up.  Hopefully all three jobs will go smoothly.  In the evenin we are goin to the Clarke's & DeLong's for supper (or is it called dinner in Texas - the evenin meal?)

Tuessday, 1/25 ~ I will be doin the never endin job of laundry (we always try to start out with all clean clothes).  Ron & Pete plan on transferring the gas from the front tank to the back tank and fixin the front tank so we can use it on the trip.  I will be workin at Northwood for a few hours on the annual report.  In the evenin we head to Sudden Valley for dinner with Norm & Kristy.  While visitin Ron will put in a new garbage disposal for them.

And then on Wednesday, 1/26 we will wrap up anything that is left on our to do list, share a meal with Gerald & Sandra, stop at the Post Office and then get on the road.  Not sure how far we will get down the road...our goal is to get to Hells Canyon RV Park so we can hang with the grands and Brandon & Danalyn for a few days.

We want to say thank you for all your prayers for us as we travel along on this journey we call life and especially as we prepare to move to Texas for 13 months.  I hope to update each night how we are doing with our To Do List.  We will be busy the next 5 days but yet want to say if you are a local (Whatcom County) friend and want to see us before we leave...give us a holler and let's at least share a hug.