Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leavenworth to Whatcom County ~ Thank You LORD for Your Protection Today!

I woke up early this morning (Wednesday, 10/27/10) and spent some time on the computer before heading out on our drive to Blaine.  Ron slept till almost 9:45 when his phone rang.  It was a friend of ours, Addy, who heard we were almost back home and wanted to make sure we got a date set to get together for dinner.  She was so excited that we are going to be back in Whatcom County for a few weeks.  She has a couple of plumbing jobs for Ron and she wanted to make sure to get on his work schedule.

This is the view that greeted me this morning ~

Looking out our side door of the motor home.  A beautiful day for driving.

Close up view of the same view.

We finally got on the road this morning about 10:30.  We had a beautiful drive over Stevens Pass, hit a little bit of traffic in the Everett/Marysville area.  But no complaints.
This is on Highway 207 heading away from the campground and the outskirts of Leavenworth. 

This is heading east on Highway 2 towards Stevens Pass.  So glad we had a beautiful day of driving.  Yesterday it snowed off/on on the pass.

This is the crest of the mountain pass.  Isn't it gorgeous?

And this is heading north on I5 just after crossing into Whatcom County.  We are almost home!

Once we got into Whatcom County I decided to drive ahead of Ron as I remembered I had forgotten to take any meat out of the freezer for dinner.  I had been thinking Hamburger Soup sounded pretty tasty.  I called Ron on the two-way radio and told him I would meet him at TT/NACO in Blaine after stopping at the store and then at Dee's (our favorite personal mail lady) to pick up our mail.  So off I go.  About 5 minutes later I get a call from Ron on the two-way that he had a problem and was taking the Portal Way exit.  I had since past that exit so I called him back and said I would turn around at the Grandview Exit and come back.  I asked "what is wrong?"  He replied, "I have smoke coming out the back of the motor home."  So I drove ahead to the Grandview Exit and turned around.  It took me about 10 minutes to get to the Portal Way exit.  I got off the freeway and did not see Ron.  I called him on the phone and asked him where he was ~ on the off ramp, there had been a fire!  I turned the car around and pulled up to the end of the off-ramp when I noticed a cop going backwards up the off-ramp with his lights/siren going.  I took off running (not a good thing for a woman my size to do~but I did it anyway).  I got to the rig just as the cop was coming out of the side door of the motor home and he hollered "everything is okay."  So I slowed to a walk.  By the time I got to the door of the motor home a fire engine and an aid car was pulling up behind the motor home along with a DOT truck.  This is what it looked like:
This is a view from the side of the motor home with the cop car in front.  The little car in front of the cop car belongs to a long time friend of ours who saw the smoke coming out of the motor home and called 911 before he even knew who it belonged to.  Thanks George for being a Good Samaritan.

And this is the back of the motor home.  The guy walking towards the motor home is the DOT incident report guy and behind his truck is the fire engine and the aid car.  So glad those vehicles and personnel were available but not needed this time. 
After a few phone calls to the insurance company and our agent ~ so thankful we have good insurance and great roadside assistance ~ and the fireman checking out the rig, the DOT guy talking to Ron, the cop putting the red triangle thingy out ~ and everyone knowing the tow truck was on its way...everyone left.  We sat beside the freeway for just over an hour and a half.  During that time, our insurance agent, Jim, showed up.  We talked about our plans and decided that we would stay with the rig at Jerry Chambers Chevrolet for the night and then tomorrow we will move our stuff into one of the condo's at Jim & Mei's place.    It sure has come in handy having our insurance agent who is our friend who also has some pretty nifty condo's in Birch Bay ~ thank you J & M for all your love, support and help during some times that could have been a lot harder to deal with. 

Shortly after Jim left, two friends from TT/NACO came walking up to the motor home.  They had seen us from the freeway and had gone up to the Grandview Exit, turned around and came to check on us ~ thanks Maria & Jill.  Shortly after Jill & Maria left, Kerry from Burke's Towing showed up with this:

This is Kerry's rig from Burke's Towing.  We need the big guy to pull our home.

And then got busy to get us hooked up to his pretty white tow truck.  Ron helped him a little too.
Ron watching Kerry as he hooked up the truck to tow our vehicle. 

This is the view you saw when you took the off ramp.  The cop put out our emergency triangle.  He said it was a good thing we carry that with us.  Boy don't we know it.

A front side view of the tow truck, the motor home and the suburban all lined up.

Ron helping Kerry line the thingy up to hold the tires while being towed.

Already to get down the road.

While all this was going on , my friend and personal mail lady, Dee showed up.  She had been in Bellingham when I called, so she stopped on her way home.  She did bring us some good news ~ our unemployment benefits have been approved!  Thank you Lord for providing for us again!!  It was good to see her as I got some great hugs in while we stood and talked while the guys worked.  Shortly after that this is what we did:
Kerry leading the way with the tow truck and the motor home.  Ron says all total we are about 55 ft in length.
And then we drove back to Bellingham, following Kerry with our motor home in tow.  And yes, Kerry remembered us from last November when we had the fire in the motor home.  After arriving at Jerry Chambers Chevrolet Kerry got us tucked in here:
And our home for the night (probably a few more days for the rig while it gets repaired).
Once we were all settled, John came out and made sure we had power.  Ron and John talked for awhile and we are on the docket for first thing in the morning to find out why we had another fire when this was all supposed to be fixed last year when the motor home was here at Jerry Chambers Chevrolet for three weeks.

We just want to give thanks to the Lord that the fire was not any worse than it was.  That Ron was able to get the motor home safely off the road and that no one was hurt.  For the quick response of the emergency personnel and for the offers of help from our friends here at home.  We will keep you updated on what we find out and how long the motor home will be in the shop.

Oh, one more thing ~  found out yesterday we got a job selling Christmas trees and it is right here in Washington state.  We will be selling trees for Noel's Christmas Trees at one of his lots somewhere between Federal Way and Everett.  Thank you all for praying for us as we sought employment.

Wishing each of you a blessed day!

Alice & Ron