Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Pasco to Lewiston

We had an uneventful trip from Pasco to Lewiston. We keep telling ourselves that we can sleep in ~ but alas we only sleep till 8:30 or so. Guess we don't need to sleep in much later than that. Our day began with a walk to the RV store just down from the KOA. Had to pick up a new shower hose. Upon our return to the motor home Ron replaced the shower hose and we readied the motor home for travel. We were on the road at 11:07 a.m.

We left Pasco and connected with Highway 124 to Highway 12 to Clarkston, WA.
First stop was to get gas. So not used to filling the suburban and the motor home. We will have to re~evaluate our budget to include that I guess. The drive was through countryside and small towns.

This is through the town of Pomeroy.

We slowed down to about 5 miles per hour because we were following this tractor thingy. Ron told me what it was called but I don't remember what he said. Guess I had better pay attention next time.

The open road ~ the skies were clear. Made for a great day of traveling. Ron says if we stay in the Lewiston area we could have lots of these types of days. But I keep feeling the pull back to Blaine.

I was trying to get a picture of the farm we were passing. Danalyn thinks I am crazy to be taking pictures while driving.

Just another view going through a small town.

Another small town and their welcome sign. Guess I had better start to pay attention to the names of these towns. Kinda hard to make notes though while driving. I did call Ron on the walkie-talkie and tell him we definitely need to get a smaller vehicle to tow behind us so I don't have to drive separately from him.

Another small town welcome sign.

This is where we stopped for lunch along Highway 12. We were parked in the shade of this old grainery. After we pulled away I realized I should have walked around because the view to the left of this was gorgeous. I was paying attention to where I was driving so didn't get a picture of the lush green hillside.

We think this is the county courthouse in ???. It was a beautiful building and so I wanted a picture. I did pull off and park to get this shot. Aren't you glad Danalyn?

We arrived in Clarkston about 2:45 p.m. Checked in at the office and then pulled into our site. We quickly plugged in the power and leveled up the motor home so we could get to the important stuff ~ going to Lewiston ~ we had people to see~ We are staying at Hells Canyon RV & Marina Resort right on the Snake River. We are about 5 miles from Brandon & Danalyn's place in Lewiston.

Hope you enjoyed this little jaunt with us. Will write more later.