Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look What We Found!

Look what we found when we arrived in Lewiston! It was so fun to get lots of hugs. Boy have the boys grown. Can't believe it has been 9 months since we have seen them. Max is now in the 6th grade! and Christopher is talking up a storm!

Danalyn & Christopher. He is always moving so getting a picture of him sitting still is practically impossible.

And of course, Grandpa has to get in on a picture too!

Here we are at the playground. Danalyn tried to get Christopher to look at her but he kept saying "the sun is too shiny."

He loves to wear his hat (just like his daddy). So many of the pictures you can't see Christopher's eyes.

Watching brother play soccer or should we say the adults are trying to watch Max but Christopher is on the move!
See Daddy has his hat on.
Grammy, push me faster!
Climbing out of the tunnel.
Watch me go down the slide!
Max running towards the soccer ball!
Max (in blue) chasing that darn ball again.
Hmm..wonder what Max is thinking?
Wait, I have to tie my shoe!
Okay, back to looking for the ball.
Coming down the slide! Where oh where are those big blue eyes?
Once again in the swing!

Okay, now for trying something new! Grammy learning how to use the video on her camera. I shake a lot and talk to loud and too much (OK, so I always talk loud and too much). The first video is of Christopher in the swing and Grammy trying to push him and ask questions at the same time plus take a movie! I tried to move the second video down but can't figure that one out. Second video is of Max on the soccer field during practice ~ this is where you can really see me moving the camera all over the place.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the treasures we found in Lewiston. More will come I am sure!

Guess I had better get this posted and then get off this darn computer. The whole time I have been playing on the computer Ron has taken out the old water heater, made two trips to the store and is busily working to put in the new water heater. Good thing he is a plumber because if he wasn't I am sure he would be grumbling more than he is. Something about tight places!

Talk to you all again soon. Love Alice