Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sightseeing Around Scottsdale

Our first stop in Scottsdale was the West World to park our motor home.  It is a huge equestrian complex. Equestrian sounds so much better than a horse place.  We got all checked in and then found where we were supposed to park the motor home.  Ron unhooked the Jeep and I jumped into the drivers seat.  I can back this thing up you know.  Things got a little tense with Ron telling me to turn this way and that.  The problem was his hands went one direction when he wanted me to turn the wheel the other direction.  But in the end I got it parked.  See!
See how close I got to the pole marking our spot.  I am thinking I done real well!  What do y'all think?

The view from our back window.  We back right up on the polo field.

Another view of the polo field.
Various views of West World.
Top of the line horse trailers.

We have done a little bit of sightseeing while here in Scottsdale. 
It has been fun to play tourist though I am sure some of the drivers wish we knew where we were going.  Maggie does not always give us enough time to make those crazy lane changes.

Yesterday afternoon we went into Old Town Scottsdale.  
Saw some crazy things like a gal riding her horse through the traffic of cars!
Here's a movie of our time in Old Town.  Sorry it is another silent one.  I did learn how to add music to the movie (Thanks Rick) now I just have to figure out how to get the songs onto my computer to put them to the movies I make.

We had a lazy morning this morning but decided to go to the Penske Racing Museum in the afternoon.  Ron had wanted to go there for quite awhile.  It was interesting to read about the different cars.  We were told we could not take pictures of any of the orange & white cars do to legal issues between Penske and Marlboro.  I took a picture of one of the statues that was right next to one of the orange & white cars and the gal there was immediately by my side asking me if I had taken a picture of that car.  No mam, just the statue.  I told her she could 
check my camera but she said no that was okay.  Hope you enjoy these pictures as much 
as Ron enjoyed checking them all out.  

I even got up close and personal with a couple of Bentley's.
Which one should I choose?  $125,000 or $245,000?  You decide.