Monday, February 7, 2011


Choices ~ people always have choices.  Choices to do things or not do things.  Choices to say things or not say things.  Choices ~ life is always full of choices.

As we made the choice to take these new positions in Texas I realized that we would be going through the San Jose area where my sister lives.  She has not spoken to me since September 2008 when my older sister died.  She had barely spoken to me in the three years prior to that after my Mom had died and I could probably count on one hand how many times she had spoken to me since my Dad died in 2001.  Her not speaking to me has always been her choice.  So I made a choice.

I sent her a card telling her we were moving to Texas and would be traveling through the area on February 6th and if she would like to see me all she had to do was call either Ron or I, drop us an email or send a card.  She made her choice ~ she did not contact me at all.

I was prepared for her choice but it still stings a little.  Besides her I have my aunt and one niece on my mom's side of the family along with a few cousins and a uncle that we have not connected with in many years.  

I had a choice to reach out to her and I did.  She had a choice to respond or not.  She chose not to.  Yes it makes me sad that she chooses not to communicate with me or my boys or know her great niece and nephews.  She is missing out on so much.  All I can do is continue to pray for her.  I love her, she is my sister.  Do I wish things were different ~ of course.  But they are what they are right now - no communication from her.  And since that is how she clearly wants it I will let it be that way.  Maybe one day God will see to bring us back together.  Only time will tell.