Monday, September 30, 2013

Grand Jubilee at Grand Country Music Hall

One evening we decided it had been way too long since we had seen
Grand Jubilee so off we went.  What a fun show.

Jim Dandy and Mike Patrick

New South...what a great gospel quartet.

Matt, who is married to Jackie Brown, also a performer at the Grand Jubilee

Mike Patrick in a different outfit...not sure how many times he makes a costume change, but it is a lot!!!

Mike Patrick and Jim Dandy's Grandpa..he was a hoot.

Sorry it's blurry, but Grandpa making a funny!
Gene M. playing the steel guitar

Wayne Massingale on the fiddle.

Jim Dandy and Mike Patrick...lovin' that purple Mike.

Jim Dandy & Mike Patrick

Cher & Sonny??? or Jim & Mike???

And the show would not be complete without Miss Dolly (aka Jim Dandy) in attendance

Michael W. Davis on the piano, Wayne in the background and Larry Alred

And this time in orange!!1

Jamie Haage...what a blessed on the banjo

Jamie on the steel guitar

And on the drums
On the piano
And the fiddle.
 The amazing thing about Jamie Haage is that he plays all the instruments by ear
and does a great job on each of these instruments!!!

Jamie on the fiddle :)

Mike Patrick in red.

New South

And the finale!!!  
What a fun evening!!!
We look forward to going back many many times.