Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Friday!!!

Where has the time gone?

For us...

...1 ~ we officially moved into the apartment on Sunday and slept there for our first night.  It is so convenient having our home right at the office.  I will post pictures this weekend.

...2 ~ I merged all my blogs into one...but you already know that since you are here.  I am still working at trying to figure out how to get a link so you can subscribe by email to get my post updates...hopefully this weekend that will get done as well.

...3 ~ we went to 
to watch the 
They Won!!!  3 to 2
Our real reason in going was for their 
boy were they good!!

...4 ~ I have rode the stationary bike 3 days in a row...5.94 miles the first day, 6.23 the second and 6.44 miles the third and each in a 30 minute time span ~ go me!!!

...5 ~ we are going to 
for the
as many times as we can between
August 23, 2013 & September 2, 2013.

Check out the schedule here.

Talk to you soon!!!

Ali is heading to a Summer Luncheon at Friendly Baptist Church today.  The program is on a couples journey to the Promised Land.  Should be interesting.