Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

 Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
                         Opal Rae                   Max, Christopher & Treyson          
Jamie & Suzanne's daughter     Brandon & Danalyn's 3 boys

Christmas 2012 was just us this year.

Top of the list was making turkey in our rig - this is the 6th Christmas in our rig and the first time making a turkey in it.  I checked with the local grocer/meat cutter and was told "of course, we can cut your turkey in half."  When I went to the grocery store and asked the meat cutter he looked at me kind of puzzled but said "OK".  And so I made our first traditional Christmas dinner ever in the rig.

What do you think?
Turkey & gravy
Dressing & Orange/peach jello salad
Yams w/marshmallows and Green bean casserole

Yukon gold mashed potatoes w/garlic

Finished off with brownies & rice krispy treats!
 And of course no special dinner would be complete without a catastrophe of some kind ~ Ron reached for a glass, hit the bowl of jello salad, it did a full flip landing right side up and leaving this mess on the way down.
Jello salad decorating the cupboard, rug and floor :)
And then we got to Skype/Facetime with all four of our grandchildren.  It was fun to hear about their day and what Santa brought them. 

 Christopher & Treyson making faces!

Opal ... she sure reminds us of her daddy when he was this age.

Max - age 14!
Chris who loves to have his picture taken.
Treyson who loves to play with balls ~ can you tell he is hiding one in his hands.
Our precious Opal!
Different shots of the Workentin boys!

The Workentin Grands - 2012
Aren't they cute???

One more of all four of them! 

And after a full tummy this is what Santa does

At the end of a great day!!!