Monday, September 27, 2010

The Carnival is Done!

The carnival is done for the season! I have one day of tear down and Ron has a week or so. Was told tonight by Ron B. and Rob R. that this was the smoothest Puyallup Fair in Customer Service they have ever seen. Usually the Customer Service people quit on them. Best compliment I could have been given.

I have lots of blog posts that I want to do about the carnival along with some pictures. It may take me a couple of weeks to get them all done ~ hope you can be patient with me. My schedule for the week is:

Monday ~ tear down & clean the blue unit and white unit show offices, catalog all the scan guns. In the evening, Ron & I, Danell & Tom along with Dani & Kerry are going to Olive Garden for an end of season dinner. Danell, Dani and I were the Customer Service workers for the Puyallup. Danell did a great job giving breaks and allowing us to get off early a few times. Though the 17 days went fine, yesterday all three of us were ready to walk ~ I think the tiredness settled in, we were missing our families and tired of hearing complaints BUT we stuck with it and made it to the end!

Tuesday ~ Sandra and Gerald are making the drive from Blaine to Puyallup to pick me up for a few days in Blaine. While in Blaine I will pick up our Suburban, get a few things from the storage unit, see Jamie, Suzanne and OPAL!, hopefully sleep in one morning, have coffee with Dee and just plain relax, ending with a doctor's appointment on Friday and then returning to Puyallup.

Ron will be doing tear down each day. Have been told it should take about a week to get everything down. Over 70 rides need to be taken down.

Ron has agreed to be interviewed (by me) for a future blog. What I need from you are questions ~ what do you want to know from Ron about our season with the carnival? Post a comment, send me an email or post on my wall on Facebook. I hope you have lots of questions for him. I think it will be interesting to hear his take on things.

I know this has been short but it is time to go to bed. 7:30 will be here before I know it.

Talk to you all again soon.

Love, Alice