Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thanks to Kimberly I now know how to import my pictures with a watermark on them.

This is Debbie in our Blue Unit Show office. We were the team while Theresa was away getting treatment and surgery.

This is Eric at the Derby game. He and Diane hate to get their pictures taken. We took his and her pictures from the hole in the ticket box while we were at the Hispanic Festival in Portland.

And this is Diane in front of the Pop 1 game. We were pretty sneaky weren't we.

This is Tommy making a face. He left us after we finished in Hillsboro, OR. He is now going to school in Tacoma. We will him lots of luck.

And this is Michail. He is quite a character and also works with Diane and Eric.

This is Mike Presler relaxing outside of our motor home while we were in Portland. The bone yard was at the Funtastic Shows lot in Portland.

This is the covered bridge in Portland. Ron and I found it via Maggie, our GPS system.

This is Ron holding a sign about men and BBQ's. I think if you click on it, it will get bigger but I am not sure. This was taken Saturday at Lakefaire in Olympia when we didn't have to go to work till 5:00 that day.

That's all for now. I was just so excited that I figured out how to do a watermark that I had to do it with some more pictures.