Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random thought #1 ~ had a dream that we were trying to leave the park and get the motor home  packed and we could not fit all our stuff into the motor home.  We had boxes and storage containers all over the place and I mean everywhere - in the shed, on the ground, in the bath tub, along side the bed on both sides, stacked on the benches of the dinette, under the side table by the recliner...and no more room to put anything.  I woke up feeling so frustrated and then looked at our rig and thought about the food in the shed, in the fridge in the shed and in Lane's fridge/freezer and wondering where the heck would we put everything if we did have to leave?  

So now I am thinking of what I need to do over the next 17 1/2 months ~~~ I need to clean out every cupboard and every tote in the motor home and I need a plan to do that...any suggestions out there???  And then after cleaning, purging and organizing how do I keep the "~ stuff" at a minimum ~~~ that is easy stop buying things!!!  So that's what my first two goals are: 1) no more buying except necessary groceries like meat and vegetables and 2) make a list of each cupboard and tote and tackle them one by one.

Random thought #2~ needing to vent ~~~ night before last (Sunday night) the phone rang at 2:01 a.m. and it was a dang fax with an unknown number on the phone = frustration!!!  It took me over two hours to fall back asleep and then at 5:03 a.m. the phone rang again.  This time with a phone number showing so I did something.  I called the number back three times and it was busy, busy, busy!!  So frustrating...this time it took me almost an hour to fall back asleep.  And then that made me late getting up leaving me with only 30 minutes to get up, get dressed and get to work ~ thank goodness the commute is only 20 seconds!!!

So I have decided that on Saturday mornings I am going to be turning the phone off here in the motor home and not turn them back on till 8 a.m. on Monday morning's.  Need to take advantage of having assistant managers on duty to answer the phones on the weekends.

Random thought #3 ~ We are so blessed!!!  This afternoon one of the couples from here in the park came by the office and invited us over for homemade lemon meringue pie and coffee after work.  So after closing down the office for the day we skidaddled over to the Andrews.  We had so much fun.  I think we did most of the talking and of course enjoyed the pie and before we knew it, it was almost 7 p.m.  We headed home with an open invite to stop by anytime and you can bet we will.  You see this is an answer to prayer that we have not shared with anyone - that we would find some friends like Gerald & Sandra or Mary & Jim or Pat & Pat where we could just drop in and enjoy some great company & fellowship!!!  Thank you Lord for showing us these new friends!!!

And now it is time to turn these brain cells off and head to bed.  It has been a great day!!!

Oh, before I forget - an update on my eye surgery.   Saw Dr. Grabow today and had a good report.  My eye looks great, can read the next to bottom line without my glasses and the bottom line with my glasses.  Just need to go back to Eye Masters and have the frames tweaked a little more - my inside glasses are still not sitting straight...so off to San Antonio we will go this weekend, just not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday.  May have to see about different frames if they can't get these just right!!  Thank you Lord for finding a good surgeon and great results from my surgery!!!