Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Verdict is In

Ron and I have watched much of the trial of Casey Anthony  in  the death of her little girl.  The verdict is in and she was found not guilty on the murder charges and guilty for hindering/lying to the police.  There have been lots of comments of shock and disbelief of news reporters and many people.  Ron and I have talked a lot about this case and the difficult decision the jury had to make.  And we saw/heard lots of things that the jury heard.  And we can agree that a little innocent girl is dead and that is what is so sad.

Below is what I wrote in response to a couple of comments on Facebook.

"I think the issue was proof beyond a reasonable doubt...I think if the jury were to talk they would say yes, she was probably murdered but there was not absolute proof that Casey Anthony committed the murder. Having been on a murder trial (for 8 1/2 weeks as juror #1) there are lots of questions that have to be answered to come to the final decision of guilty or not guilty.

Saying that I do hope that Casey takes this opportunity to turn her life around for good.

I think most importantly we need to remember this family is grieving the death of an innocent little girl."

Here is what we think allowed the jury to say there was not absolute proof but reasonable doubt:
1.  Casey was not the only person who had access to the car before and during the time that Casey was "supposedly" looking for her.

2.  Yes the jury knows Caylee died but there was no proof of how/when it happened.  Or who did it?   We believe it was probably an accident of some kind and that Casey panicked.  And then things snowballed out of control.

3.  Do we think someone(s) hid her body - yes!    We don't wish for a minute that we had sat on that jury - again, they had a real tough decision and questions that they had to answer.

About the jury - we are glad that they have chosen not to speak to the press.  When we, the jury, gave our verdict, we too made a joint decision to not speak to the media.  Our verdict was our answer.  Some of us chose to speak to both the prosecutor and defense lawyer after our decision was made public.  But only to say what evidence was missing and important.  I had two reporters call me the night of our verdict.  One of them asked why we were not talking to the press - because our verdict said our decision.  No amount of back peddling, second guessing or theorizing will give anyone an idea of what the jurors were thinking or what tipped them one way or another.

In closing, if anyone wants to dialogue this with me I am willing.  I don't want to fight with anyone but am open to hear your thoughts about this whole situation.

The bottom line whether we agree with the jury's decision is that a little girl is dead and her mom, maybe her dad if he knows that he was Caylee's dad, her grandparents and uncle are all grieving the loss of her little life in their own way.  And no one can tell someone how to grieve.  No one.  I would ask that we pray for the Anthony family - that the Lord will be real to them, that some how some way this family can be healed.

I hope I have not offended anyone, that is nor was not my desire.  I just needed to put my thoughts out there.