Friday, June 18, 2010

A Few Things

Just thought I would update a few things ~

Theresa & Rick ~ Theresa came through surgery and is awaiting results of the tests performed. She is home and recuperating. Thank you for your prayers for them both.

New job ~ started my new job on Wednesday. It is going well and I like being back in the office setting. Lots of new things to learn but am catching on quickly. Have had a couple of good talks with Rob and think working with him will be great. My first big task was learning how to input the time into the computer. The job itself is fairly easy just have to be really careful not to mess up as it has to do with people's pay.

Ron ~ is also learning a couple of new things. One of them being how to set up, troubleshoot and close out the ATM every day. This is something Rick was going to teach him and now Rob is doing that.

Our schedule ~ is somewhat back to our regular hours. We opened at 3:00 yesterday and open today at 4:00 so we didn't have to report till 1:30 on Thursday and 2:30 today. It has been nice to sleep in till 10:30 the last two days.

Special thanks to Kristy and Norm for picking up my prescriptions and bringing them to us here in Marysville on Saturday. It will be good to see them and they saved us from trying to figure out how to get my medications refilled. We so appreciate you both.

Also want to send out BIG thanks to Dee for being such a great mail lady for us during this season of travel and work. It is such a relief to not have to worry about the mail piling up and getting those wonderful packages. Thanks for the great job you are doing.

We received a special blessing the other day when a friend of ours gave us a 150' power cord. It has eliminated the problems of blowing the breakers every so often.

Today Ron is taking the time to clean our our large storage compartment to make room for the new power cord. It calls for moving the bathroom storage tote to under our table and reorganizing a few other things. Ron had initially thought he would put the new cord in the carrier on top of the motor home but after a lengthy discussion it was decided it was too heavy to be lifting that up and down at each stop so is necessitating the cleaning out of the large storage compartment. I just opened the bathroom tote and found 3 bottles of wine. Wondered where they had disappeared to. One is now nestled in the fridge chilling to be ready for tonight after work :)

The weather here in Marysville is beautiful! Woke up to sunny skies! It seems like it has been so long since we have seen that yellow round thing in the sky. It is so nice to be out of the mud and muck of the Rose Festival. Hope that means the nasty weather is behind us now for the rest of the season. One can hope can't they?

Would appreciate your continued prayers for Rick & Theresa as well as our whole unit with the change in supervisors and expectations. As typical in a place where lots of people work the rumor mill is flowing well. Ron and I have learned to remember the source and to check out things that just don't sound right.

One thing Ron and I do each time we do a jump (move from one location to another) is to ask ourselves if we had to make the decision to do this job (travel and work with the carnival) for a second season would we. The answer has always been a resounding yes! We are so enjoying our time here, the people we meet, the jobs we do and the areas we have seen. Now relax, this does not mean that we ARE going to do this again next year. It does mean that we like what we are doing right now ~ all aspects of it.

Well I just noticed the time and I need to get to making our lunch and ready ourselves for another day of work. Know that we think of each of you often and we love to hear from you all. Enjoy the day the Lord has made and rejoice in it.