Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Boneyard at Lacey

I am sure you are asking what is "the boneyard?" The boneyard is what I called the campsite last week. Found out yesterday that where we park all the trailers, our motor home and the condo's in carnival language is called the boneyard.

Ron went around after everyone was in place and took a few pictures to show you what it looks like where we are going to be living for the next two weeks.

The top picture is Alice inside the motor home after we got to Lacey, WA. and before we are set up. Once we are set up the TV is between the two front chairs and the plant that is in the sink is on the counter.

In the second picture our motor home is parked between a condo and a trailer. At least in Lacey we are not parked on soggy wet grass. Being parked on black top the motor home should stay a little cleaner.

This picture shows all the rigs in a row. The open space between the two trailers is waiting for a late arrival of one of the trailers. That is where Diane's trailer will go. Her hubby, Eric, had to take it in and get the wiring fixed ~ they had the brakes as flashers and the flashers as brakes. Not a good thing while traveling.

The top picture is another view of the front of all the rigs lined up. The rig to the far right belongs to Rick & Theresa, our bosses. It is a very nice fifth wheel with three slide outs. They always park on the end. The next picture is a view from the back. The wide area between the two white lines is a bike path. Can you see the porta pottys to the far right? That's right folks, the bathrooms for those living in the condos. Makes me so happy to have my own private bathroom in our motor home. Oh the comforts of home.

Well I just wanted to show you where we are living for the next two weeks. I hope to have more pictures later in the week of where we work and what the views are from our ticket windows. Ron took some pictures with his phone last week and I downloaded them to the computer but can't figure out where they are at so I will have Ron take more pictures this week and try again to let you see where we actually work and what beautiful outfits we get to wear (that's a joke folks!).

Hope you enjoyed seeing where we live right now.